Building Science Laboratories is a division of Building Science Consulting Inc. Our research reflects the practical insights gained from working with real buildings, and with other practitioners, as building science consultants and educators, across North America and around the world.

Laboratory and Field Research

We design and conduct research projects in field settings and in our state-of-the-art laboratory. These projects range from specialized laboratory testing to short-term product development research to large-scale, multi-year studies. You can see examples of past and current projects in our library.

Custom Research Equipment

We provide sensors, rain gauges, and large-scale custom equipment such as climate chambers, drainage balances, and natural exposure facilities. All of our equipment is designed specifically for building science research, and all can be customized for specific needs. Learn more at our store.

LAB Training and Support

We believe in sharing knowledge. Our Learning About Building Science (LAB) services include basic to advanced training, with everything from personal coaching to webinars to live events, covering topics from advanced framing to WUFI. We also provide expert technical consulting for research and R&D projects.