Canadian Spray Foam Guide

By Jonathan Smegal, John Straube, and Aaron Grin


CUFCA guide thumbnail 2This guide covers recommended enclosure details for light-density (0.5 pcf) and medium-density (2.0 pcf) polyurethane spray foam. It includes information about spray foam applications for foundation walls in basements and conditioned crawlspaces, the underside of floor joists in vented crawlspaces, above grade walls, rim joists, vented attics, unvented attics, unvented cathedral ceilings, vented cathedral ceilings and cathedralized attics, floors over exterior space or unconditioned garages, and beneath slabs.

Note: This spray foam guide was produced by BSCI in partnership with Building Science Corporation, for the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association Inc. The link below is to the full guide published on the CUFCA website.

Fulltext (pdf 1.2MB)

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