Durability – Reading List


The readings below are related to John Straube’s January 2017 LAB Event on how to achieve durability in buildings – in the past, present and future. Together, these resources provide a general introduction to this topic and related research.

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Top 5 Things to Read:

#1: CSA S478-95 (R2007) – Guideline on Durability in Buildings
CSA, available from http://shop.csa.ca/
A widely recognized framework that considers a range of durability-related issues, including: basic durability requirements; quality assurance; design service life; predicted service life, operation, maintenance, and inspection programs; investigation of deterioration; repair work and renovation.

#2: Enclosure Durability – Architectural Science Forum
Ted Kesik, University of Toronto, available from www.canadianarchitect.com/asf/enclosure_durability/
A wide-ranging multi-part article that touches on terminology, concepts, and implications of designing for durability.

#3: BSD-144: Increasing the Durability of Building Constructions
Joseph Lstiburek, Building Science Corporation, available from buildingscience.com
This 2006 article discusses the importance of durability for sustainable construction, and describes how durability lessons have often come out of building failures.

#4: BSI-42: Historical Development of the Building Enclosure
John Straube, RDH, available from buildingscience.com
This buildingscience.com Building Science Digest provides a broad overview of how enclosure design and materials have changed over time.

#5: US Climate Resilience Toolkit – Buildings and Structures
Available at https://toolkit.climate.gov/topics/built-environment/buildings-and-stuctures
A quick summary of some of the issues buildings may face due to climate change. Scanning the case studies under Built Environment gives an idea of the variety of problems buildings will need to deal with due to climate change, and some of the solutions people are working on.

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