Building Science Labs maintains a state-of-the-art research laboratory space in Waterloo, Ontario, and conducts field research at established and temporary locations across North America. Our research work is wide-ranging: we help manufacturers with product development; we design and conduct advanced material properties tests; we undertake major research programs with government and industry partners. Each project is approached as a unique challenge, requiring a solution tailored to the needs of our clients and industry partners.

Our main laboratory space (pictured below) is used flexibly, with new equipment designed, assembled, and disassembled on a regular basis. We analyze and extend measured results using various modeling programs, including two- and three-dimensional heat flow programs (THERM, HEAT 3D), hygrothermal modeling software (WUFI Pro and WUFI Plus), and other in-house proprietary programs.

We also supply a variety of sensors and research equipment to other building scientists, and can train and support your personnel in their use. For more information, see our Building Science Labs Store.

numbered lab diagramOur laboratory. See numbered sections below for more information.

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